CenterPeace Yoga & Wellness Marketing offers resources to empower you personally and professionally.

Kristiana Sullivan is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for yoga and wellness. She began her journey more than a decade ago as a yoga teacher and entrepreneur while culling her communication skills at nonprofit environments in Connecticut. Her marketing work is exemplary and exceptional  while her classes are challenging, creative and insightful. Both are filled with energy and spiritual nurturing. Kristi encourages her clients and students to be inspired and empowered.

Yoga: Kristi has trained with and been influenced by the teachings of Seane Corn, as well as other inspiring, nationally-renowned instructors, and completed her 200-hour teacher certification with Barbara Ruzansky at West Hartford Yoga.

Wellness Marketing: Kristi has been Vice President of Marketing at a Connecticut economic development firm for 12 years, and has assisted several local yoga studios helping them to grow and succeed.  She also is a MindBody Business Partner.


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  1. Kristi,

    This is a great web site. I’ve added it to my regular list. Keep it up, beautiful soothing colors too!


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