Yoga Classes/Events


Please submit a comment if you would like more information about a class, workshop or personal yoga session.

For updates on classes, please follow CenterPeace Yoga on Facebook.

I am currently teaching at Sacred Movement Yoga, West Hartford Yoga, Wheeler YMCA and Yoga Center of Collinsville. Following are workshops that I offer:

Detox Yoga Workshop
Seasonal changes signal a time for us to consciously shift with nature. Explore how seasons affect our bodies and mind and how to rejuvenate using food, lifestyle adjustments and cleansing. This workshop will blend creative sequencing of asanas (yoga postures including twists and ab work) with meditation, breathing and a discussion about the dosha system and tools for cleansing the body, mind and spirit.

Chakra Yoga Workshop
Chakras are the energy centers located along the spine where life energy flows and is processed. Learn about these seven portals, their emotional/physical connections, and how balancing them can promote physical healing, emotional vitality, mental clarity – unifying the body, mind and spirit. Using asanas, breathing and meditation, this workshop will help you activate the chakras to awaken health, peace and harmony.


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